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Okay, so I admit it... I have been pretty lazy about updating my blog. While I've been diligent with my Yelp reviews, I am so far behind with my blog posts. But, the good news is that I am back and hopefully will keep this up... In celebration of my return, my first post goes to my fabulous meal at Hatfield's. I have been waiting a long time for Hatfield's to open at their new and much larger space on Melrose and Citrus, right across the street from the Mozzas. And when they finally announced their opening date, I was counting down the days until they started taking reservations.

I made reservations for 8 p.m. on their opening night of February 1st. My first impression of their new space was that it was very reminiscent of their previous location, but on a much larger scale. Their charm is still evident everywhere and is reflected in their elegant and modern decor.

The space is very open, and I LOVE the open kitchen (clear glass and doors separating the dining room and the kitchen). You can see all the action, which is awesome. It wasn't very crowded since it was a soft opening, but everyone seemed lively and spirits were high.

The service was very friendly and our waiter was knowledgeable about the menu. Our waters never reached past the half full line and our plates never sat in front of us more than a minute after we were finished.

Now, let's dive into the good stuff: THE FOOD!

I was disappointed that they were not offering their tasting menu last night, but our waiter informed us that they will be having the new and improved tasting menu on very soon - the tasting menu will vary from 7 - 10 courses unlike their past 7 course at their previous location.

While looking over the menu, I was sipping on a Rose Caipirinha and the BF decided to get a beer, the Weihenstephaner (you try saying it!). My Caipirinha was okay, I've had better, but the BF really enjoyed his beer. I had a sip and at first, the taste is strong but dissolves into a smooth finish. Very, very nice.

We started off with their usual butter with chives and bread. I was too busy sipping on my drink and forgot to ask our server what kind of bread it was. The texture was much like sou

We decided to get the seasonal prix fixe ($56), which has been bumped to a 4 course meal instead of their usual 3 course, also noted in the price. There were two options for each course so we just got everything and ordered a croque madame, as well. How could I dine at Hatfield's and NOT get the dish that I dream about all the time?

Appetizer: Croque Madame - This is still my favorite dish at Hatfield's! It is just heavenly. The brioche, yellowtail and the sauce just go so well together and is very flavorful. I can probably eat this every day...

1a: Charred Japanese Mackerel, oven dried pineapple, avocado, fried shallots, nori infused salsa verde - The mackerel was not as strong as I thought it'd be. The pineapple and avocado went well with the fish and the fried shallots added a nice crunchy texture to the whole dish. Very good.

1b: Pan Roasted Diver Scallops, braised celery, salsify, apple froth - I've never had scallops and celery. My first bite I was a bit thrown off, but my second bite was quite delicious. When eaten together, the celery and froth went really well with the perfectly seasoned scallops.

2a: Prawns a la Plancha Espellette, creamy crab rice, roasted peanuts, preserved lemon, mint - This dish was reminiscent of Thai flavors, much milder and toned-down, but very apparent with the chili, lemon and mint. The prawns were perfectly cooked and seasoned well. I didn't care much for the rice texture, as it was too mushy, but was quite flavorful.

2b: Olive Oil Poached Alaksan Halibut, orange scented beets, horseradish creme fraiche, herbed pepita crust - The halibut was so soft and moist. I, personally, love beets so the combination was good for me.

Midway, I needed to freshen up my drink and decided to go for the cucumber mint gimlet. It was as delicious as I remembered.

3a: Long Island Duck Breast, whiskey prune smear, butternut squash, porcini quinoa porridge - The duck was perfect and fatty, just the way I like it. The BF and I both preferred this dish over the short ribs/hanger steak dish.

3b: Horseradish Dusted Short Ribs and Hanger Steak, spring onion confit, smoked potato puree - The short ribs were nice and tender, but the hanger steak was kind of tough. Although they were both flavorful, the duck dish was more of a hit for me, probably because I just love the fattiness (but who doesn't?).

4a: Lime Cream "Pie," gingersnap crust, oatmeal crumble, citrus chamomile ice cream - This dessert was very "lime-y" and not in a bad way. The lime flavor was in your face, but not over powering. I loved the oatmeal crumble and provided a nice crunch when eaten with the ice cream.

4b: Chocolate "Nutella," ganache cake, butterscotch rosemary ice cream, hazlenut toffee- I love chocolate so I had to get this. My BF thought the ice cream tasted like oatmeal - haha. The cake was moist and oozing with chocolate goodness.

It was a wonderful meal and Hatfield's has become and will remain one of my favorite restaurants in the city. I'll definitely be coming back for their new tasting menu which I hope won't be too long from now.

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6703 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 935-2977

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