Monday, April 12, 2010

Champagne Brunch @ Petrossian

After having several failed attempts to dine at Petrossian, I was growing frustrated. It has been over a year since Petrossian has been on my radar and the fact it was in such close proximity to where I live only deepened my frustration. However, when a couple of girlfriends of mine wanted to take me out to brunch for my birthday and suggested Petrossian I knew my chance had finally come!

The name Petrossian goes hand in hand with caviar, and at this West Hollywood store location caviar enthusiasts can not only shop but dine and chat at the newly remodeled cafe. Chef Benjamin Bailly's move to executive chef at Petrossian seemed to have given new life to the almost decade-old boutique and cafe. Having served as sous chef at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon at the Las Vegas location, Chef de Partie at the Paris location of L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon and Commis de Cuisine at Monaco location of Restaurant Joël Robuchon, Chef Bailly boasts an impressive culinary background. I was excited to see what all the media buzz about!
2006 Cabarnet Sauvignon, Sunstone Estate, Santa Ynez Valley

We brought a bottle of wine which we barely touched because we were getting tipsy off the champagne.
Mumm-Napa Valley

Nothing beats having a glass (or two) of champagne with your girlfriends on a gorgeous sunny day in L.A.

course 1a: brioche french toast, seasonal berries

The brioche french toast was a little on the dense side but still very good. I loved the strawberries on top - it went so well with the champagne. 

coures 1b: wild mushroom cappuccino

This appetizer was my favorite out of the three. Even though I couldn't taste any cappuccino or espresso flavor, it was the most flavorful and successful one for me. I'm guessing it was called a cappuccino because of the cup it came in.

course 1c: classic cold borscht

This was my first time having a classic borscht and didn't really know what to expect. The presentation was beautiful and with the first sip, I immediately got loads of beet flavor - think cold beet soup. I love beets so it was a great surprise. It finished off into a spicy and peppery note. It was quite refreshing, especially for a warm, sunny day.

course 2a: croque madame, ham, gruyère on brioche with sauce Mornay and sunny side up eggs

When the entrees came out, all of us commented on their hefty portion size. With all of the alcohol consumption, I don't think any of us really finished all of our food. The croque was your standard croque with ham and cheese on brioche bread with sunny-side egg on top. You can't forget the Mornay sauce - the sauce that makes the first few bites oh so tasty, but also the sauce that makes you hate yourself for eating it all because you know you'll have to work it off at the gym the next day. But, it was my birthday and I could be fat if I want to!
course 2b: smoked salmon scrambled eggs, egg whites only, mixed greens
grilled toast that comes with salmon scrambled eggs

I only had a couple of bites of this, but from those few bites the smoked salmon really came through. The portion for this dish, I think, was much more reasonable than the massive portions of the croque and the steak frites.

course 2c: steak frites, Black Angus hanger steak, pepper sauce, shallot confit

I really loved the fries, it was thin and crispy - just the way it should be. I usually either love mushy, soft fries or thin and really crispy fries. Hey, I like extremes.. what can I say? haha. The piece of steak I had was enjoyable, but I thought there was too much sauce which overpowered the flavor of the beef.

course 3a: vanilla panna cotta, white peach espuma

As a fan of panna cotta, this version definitely did not disappoint. It was nice eating a light dessert after a heavy entree. The peaches on top gave the perfect amount of sweetness - not too much and not too little.

course 3b: Sicilian pistachio crème brulée

There are only two desserts shown here because the brunch menu only offered two. This dessert was not a home run for me. Although I did appreciate the strawberries on top, I was looking for a more refreshing dessert. The pistachio flavor in the creme brulee was not as light and refreshing as I had hoped. But, the pistachio nuts added on top gave this dish wonderful crunch and texture.

The entire brunch took longer than expected, but the three of us left full and quite tipsy from the champagne and wine. It was a great brunch and I had a wonderful time! I will definitely be back for the champagne AND caviar brunch... mmmmmhmmmmm!

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christina said...

i wasn't a big fan of the pistachio creme brulée either...the texture seemed a little weird to me when i had it.

a champagne brunch for your birthday sounds like so much fun though!

nelehelen said...

it WAS fun! :) u should do it for yours haha

SinoSoul said...

I swear people only do brunch at Petrossian. Happy belated, Aries?

nelehelen said...

Thanks! Pices-Aries cusp ;) (whatever that means!)

bagnatic said...

yay, happy belated berfday! that wild mushroom cappuccino looks awesome...mmmm.....

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