Monday, April 26, 2010


A lot of my most recent blogs have been from my birthday dinners, and this is one is no different. I have great friends who love me and know me well enough to buy me dinner instead of gifts. My favorite married couple (also, soon to be parents - CONGRATS!) took me out to Orris for a belated birthday dinner. Orris, sister restaurant to Restaurant Shiro is Chef Hideo Yamashiro's (Shiro for short), is a small restaurant on Sawtelle that almost all westsiders know and love. Since they don't take reservations, I suggest you go there earlier as they tend to fill up during the dinner rush. The tables are really close together, so if you want a little more privacy I suggest sitting at the bar or dining outside.
2006 Pinot Noir, Tantara, Santa Maria Valley

We got a bottle of medium bodied  pinot noir with both earthy and fruity notes to sip along throughout our meal. It was strong on the palette at first, but had a smooth finish.


The bruschetta was pretty standard but good. The bread was hard, but since they were bite size they were pretty easy to eat.

special of the day: seafood salad

We ordered two specials of the day and and they both turned out to be fabulous. The first to come out was the seafood salad. It was full of an assortment of seafood from octopus to shrimp which was soaked in a wonderful citrus dressing. This ceviche-like dish was quite refreshing and light.

special of the day: fried anchovies

Fried anchovies was the other special of the day and our favorite dish of the night. The lightly battered anchovies were deep fried and served with a side of seasoned salt. These tasty fish chips were salty and wonderfully oily, making it an ideal snack food.

shrimp mousse ravioli, shitake mushroom sauce

This has to be the one dish that I always order whenever I dine at Orris. There are no surprises, you know each bite will be heavenly. The rich mushroom sauce can somewhat overpower the shrimp mousse in the ravioli, so I tend to eat the ravioli on its own leaving the excess sauce inside the bowl. The shrimp mousse is mild but wonderfully seasoned. I finish the excess sauce with the bread they give you; crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside, it is perfect to scoop up every last drop of this earthy goodness.

foie gras and japanese eggplant, sweet soy

The foie gras was heavenly and just melted in your mouth. The sweet soy was a bit too sweet for me, but the eggplant certainly balanced it out.

potato dauphinois

I love potatoes! I loved them baked, fried, roasted and in this case smothered in creamy goodness. I always recommend this dish (and the shrimp mousse ravioli) to first time diners at Orris. If you order a meat dish, I suggest getting this as a side, but if you're a potato lover like me, I just eat this as its own course.

saute of seasonal mushrooms

Our last dish of the night was the saute of seasonal mushrooms, perfectly seasoned and cooked; it was a different kind of "light" way to end the meal.

We opted out of dessert even though they have an amazing apple tart that I usually get. We were really full and these small plates really started to add up. As a girl who loves to eat but quickly gets tired of eating the same thing, I adore small plates. I am able to try several dishes without getting too full and overwhelmed. Where Orris lacks in venue space and decor, they make it up in their service and quality of food. If you ever find yourself on the westside and craving something smart and tasty, give Orris a visit.

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2006 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 268-2212


bagnatic said...

i love how you'd rather eat than get presents!

that seafood salad looks really good...haven't been to sawtelle in ages. i can probably drop by after a day at the beach.

nelehelen said...

they have a prix fixe tues-thurs, $25 for 5 dishes! you should definitely check it out!

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