Monday, May 3, 2010

Jar Restaurant

Chef Suzanne Tracht is one of the handful of female chefs who is playing with the "big boys" and her place in culinary world was recognized by appearing on Bravo TV's Top Chef Masters. Being from L.A., I've heard about Chef Tracht's refined homestyle-cooking before her appearance on the show. And having only been here for brunch, I was excited to try Jar out for dinner.

My girlfriend/fellow yelper/fellow blogger/fellow foodie, Oanh of It's More Than Just Eating, accompanied me to Jar to talk to the manager and sommelier about Jar's participation at Project by Project's Annual Tasting Benefit, Plate by Plate and of course, to enjoy a fabulous meal. It was a full house on a Thursday, and I presume it had to do with the fact that it was the last night for Jar's Blackboard Eats coupon before it expired. Nonetheless, the bar was packed and every single table was occupied!

The atmosphere was lively, but the dim light settings created a different "mood" for those of you who want a more intimate setting. While the mood lighting is great for some, for us bloggers it is the worst possible scenario. With that said, please forgive my horrendous pictures below... I was really contemplating whether or not I should be even writing this review due to the, excuse my 3rd grade vocab, "sucky" photos. But, the photos aren't the only things that make up a review, now is it?!


After a long day at work and driving in traffic, I wanted to sip on some bubbly while catching up with a girlfriend. This glass of Prosecco not only took the edge off but got my cheeks a little rosey, but being Asian that's not saying much.
sourdough bread & butter

We were given bread and butter to start. The bread was soft, which was lovely since I rarely like eating hard pieces of cardboard.

crab deviled eggs

I really enjoyed the deviled eggs, the crab was a nice change to this traditional dish. The crab flavor was pretty mild and since crab is one of my favorite things to eat, I was hoping for stronger, in-your-face flavor. 

arugula salad, artichokes, currants, almonds, goat cheese

I thought this was a fabulous salad. It was simple and dressed very well. From the creamy goat cheese to the curunchy almonds, the textures were spot on. The citrus dressing and the initial sour artichokes go really well with the sweet currants. I love how the aftertaste of sweetness from the artichokes compliment the currants as well.

french fries, garlic, parsley

Everybody loves fries. And whenever you see this deep fried piece of potato heaven covered in garlic, you don't count calories, you don't think about your thunder thighs and muffin tops, you just order it. The fries were addicting and the garlic wasn't too strong, so don't be scared. If you ever had the garlic fries at Dodger Stadium, this will be a breeze. Even thought the fries were served with ketchup, we totally ignored it and was dipping the fries in the horseradish sauce that was given with the pot roast. Very good.

Jar's signature pot roast, carrots, caramelized onions

The pot roast was fork tender and the portion, hefty. Well, hefty for us. The caramelized onions and carrots added that great sweetness to the roast while the creamy horseradish was mildy spicy but had a nice kick. The horseradish was dangerously light and wonderfully flavored. Like I said, we ate it with the fries and the roast.
duck fried rice

When I think of duck, I immediately think of fat. Not the gross lard fat, but the wonderful unctuous fat that you have dreams about. This dish was definitely heavier than the other fried rice dishes I've had due to the fattiness of the duck. It was a bit too heavy for me, especially when eaten along side the pot roast. The shaved green onions did break up the oiliness in the dish, but I wanted something more. Maybe some heat or acid? I may change my tune next time when I eat this dish before the roast!
Overall, I thought the food was delicious and the service, wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable about the food, as they should be. The place was still packed with energetic patrons when we were leaving that it almost made me want to stay a bit longer just to join the party. For upscale American food with no frills and fuss, I suggest giving Jar a try. They will take care of you.

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8225 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048


kevinEats said...

It's interesting to compare the flash and no-flash photos. The lighting in there definitely screws with your white balance.

Any luck in getting Jar to participate in PbP?

bagnatic said...

low light...ack. those crab deviled eggs look damn good!

food je t'aime said...

I want some of that pot roast right now! It's 1:30am and I'm starving. Thanks for helping ;) haha

nelehelen said...

kevin - Yes! Jar is participating! :)

amy - they WERE good! i wish i had these laying around the house when i'm watching tv.. but i guess that would be SO bad for the figure.. bleh

christina - ahhh i remember the days when i used to stay up till 2 am and then sleep till noon, just so i can ditch class and watch tv all day! lol i also miss eating at 130 AM...

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