Friday, December 3, 2010

Sugarfish: New Location in Downtown!

We interrupt your regular scheduled programming for this emergency broadcast.

I wanted to get all of my Tokyo posts done before I started reviewing places I had eaten after my trip, but as you can see, it's taking me forever... After my return from Tokyo, I was invited to a dine at Sugarfish at their new downtown location. I've dined at the Brentwood location several times, so I already knew what to expect: good sushi at affordable prices.

Emmanuel, the brains behind Sugarfish, was a great host and even joined us for dinner. His view that amazing sushi could be eaten at great prices is what started this whole Sugarfish phenomenon. The experience of the customer is always top priority and this practice can be seen when customers are instructed on how to eat the sushi. Emmanuel explained how their top quality ingredients are meant to be eaten with a "Nozawa Bite," which intends you to eat the dish right away.

While you can choose items a la carte, there are three different types of meals you can choose from that is reminiscent of the traditional "omakase." These three include the Trust Me Lite ($19.50), Trust Me ($28.50) and our dinner set for the evening, The Nozawa ($35-38).


tuna sashimi, ponzu sauce

I like how all the sets start with edamame and this great tuna sashimi dish. The scallions and ponzu sauce really make this dish what it is: delicious.

salmon sushi

snapper sushi, chili ponzu

When Emmanuel told me that the snapper sushi comes with chili ponzu, I initially thought the sauce would overpower the delicate fish. However, with my first bite, I realized the ponzu was delicate as well. It was a great flavor combination.

albacore sushi

halibut sushi, yuzu ponzu

The halibut sushi is one of my usual favorites. I love the acidity and citrus notes from the yuzu ponzu sauce making this sauce my favorite out of the different types of ponzu they prepare. 

yellowtail sushi

blue crab hand roll & toro hand roll (not pictured)

Another one of my favorites is the blue crab hand roll! Yes, the toro roll was delicious, but my heart always goes to the crab (it is one of my favorite things to eat of all time!). The cool crab with the warm, loose rice and the crunch of the amazing seaweed is probably one of the best bites you will have.

daily special: scallop special

albacore belly sushi

engawa (halibut fin), yuzu ponzu

After we finished up our scallop sushi, which was the special for that day, Emannuel asked if we wanted anything else. Being the uni lover that I am, this was my obvious first choice, unfortunately for me, they were all out for the night. Having had engawa before, I knew the texture would be firm and a bit chewy, but the flavor would be nice.

I was so full and buzzed at the end of our meal (J drank a bottle of Yebisu and I had a bottle of the lovely Hakkaisan sake), but I was amazed at how much Emmanuel could eat. He had eaten the same Nozawa course at an earlier dinner with another blogger. I was amazed! The meal was great and I have been craving great sushi ever since I got back from Japan. Emmanuel not only took great care of us but was so informative about the ingredients. His passion for amazing sushi and the Sugarfish brand shined throughout the meal. 

SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa on Urbanspoon

Sugarfish in Los Angeles on Fooddigger

600 W 7th Street, Suite 150 (7th & South Grand)
Los Angeles, CA 90017
P: (213) 627-3000


Cafe Pasadena said...

Great, xpensive looking fotos! But I hope your camera isn't that xpensive.

bagnatic said...

the sushi rice there is quite yummy. complimented their sushi nicely.

nelehelen said...

CP - i SOOO need a new camera! my pictures are nothing compared to some of the other bloggers.. *sigh*

amy - yes, i love the warm rice!

Pandalicious said...

mm i just went to sugarfish in santa monica last nite. good stuff! i got the trust me lite which surprisingly was pretty filling! i want to try the nozawa one day. yummmm.

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