Friday, February 11, 2011

Mos Burger & Yoshinoya: Fast Food in Tokyo, Japan

I've been craving Mos Burger lately, so I decided to do a post on the fast food J and I ate while in Tokyo, which was only Mos Burger and Yoshinoya. I clearly remember the morning we decided to eat Mos Burger for the first time. We knew it was pretty close to our hotel, so we decided to walk over for breakfast before our sightseeing activies. We walked and walked... Of course, we got lost. We were circling around the small streets of Shinjuku when I saw this girl sitting on the floor throwing up with her friend next to her patting her back. GROSS. J and I both immediately stopped in our tracks. We looked up and saw an alley way filled with intoxicated Japanese people all lined up along the wall. They were all drunk or on some kind of other shit... It reminded me of a rave scene in the morning with cracked out people. Don't ask me how I know... It just goes to show how hard the people party over there - haha!

Honestly, my appetite was totally killed after seeing all that, but I was determined to eat the famous Mos Burger. And I did. I ate it all.


double burger with fries

teriyaki burger

We went to Mos Burger twice during our visit and my favorite item was the double patty burger. The regular cheeseburger reminded me of a McDonald's cheeseburger without the grease. The double patty burger, on the other hand, was something you cannot get in the States. The patty was juicy and the toasted buns were nice. But, the sauce was so addicting! The combination of these flavors reminded me of a sloppy joe and a japanese hamburger steak. The teriyaki burger was good, but I did not expect it to come with rice buns. Kinda cute, actually.

beef bowl with noodles and tofu

beef bowl

The only other fast food chain we hit up was Yoshinoya. And again, we ate this for breakfast and we ate it in less than ten minutes. Obviously, the beef bowls in Japan taste much better because of their quality of ingredients. However, the regular beef bowl tasted pretty much the same as the beef bowls here. J's fancy beef bowl with the noodles and tofu was much more enjoyable to eat due to the added elements. I really wish I could've tried something else, but when you are pressed for time and can't speak the language, your options are limited.

Overall, you can definitely taste the difference in quailty of ingredients between the fast food here and the fast food in Tokyo. But, between Yoshinoya and Mos Burger, I'll have to choose Mos Burger... every time. There's just something about that damn sauce... that I still dream about. I'm drooling...


Kung Food Panda said...

I love MOS Burger. They have those in Taiwan too and I only get the burgers with rice patties. Those are fantastic!

bagnatic said...

who is this mo you're speaking of. i want a mo!

mmm burgers. i hungry again after your post.

nelehelen said...

mos burger is the shit! i really wish they had these the states... amy, you would LOVE!

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