Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick Dinner @ Blue Plate Oysterette

I was craving oysters, like I always do... so, I convinced J to grab a quick bite in Santa Monica. Yes, dinner by the beach during this cold weather. So Californian, no? Even though it was quite cold, the place was still full with patrons getting their seafood fix. For drinks, I got a glass of white (I forget what I drank) while J got a Chimay. The one glass of white got me pretty buzzed, probably because I was drinking on an empty stomach. I didn't even touch J's beer because Chimays always get me drunk. I never knew they were so damn strong...


mussels, creamy lemon and garlic sauce

ceviche of the day

I started off with a half dozen oysters... and yes, I mean "I" and not "we." He doesn't care too much for oysters so more for me! I should've really ordered a dozen, but good thing I didn't because their oyster prices seemed a bit high. Nonetheless, the oysters were delicious. I had originally wanted Kumamotos, but unfortunately they were out.  The server suggested something similar, which were fantastic, but once again, I forgot the name. J, being a sucker for mussels, made the obvious choice. They were good, but we've had better. We also ordered the ceviche of the day as well, which I also thought was only average. I immediately wished I had orderd the lobster roll, something I had been craving all day. I guess I should always stick to my cravings.

My meal was short, but it wasn't entirely too sweet. The oysters were great, but everything else was merely okay. Maybe there is a reason why I don't remember a lot of things to this meal...Granted I only had three dishes, I had high hopes for this place. I'll probably come back for that lobster roll and well, if my wallet is fat, then the oysters as well. Let's just hope I remember to come back...

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Blue Plate Oysterette
1355 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 576-3474


dj said...

came across your blog, just got a follower! btw that Chimay Ale, i haven't tried that one.

nelehelen said...

thanks dj! :)

Marie said...

I've never been to Blue Plate Oysterette, but have been definitely curious. I could make an entire meal out of oysters alone, so when I do make it there, I will ignore the rest of the items. And yes, Chimay is strong!

nelehelen said...

marie - i TOO can also make a meal just out of oysters! we will get along very well :) hahah

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